Graphic design trend predictions for 2016


Last time, I wrote an article about the possible web design trend by 2016, this time, I am going to write an article about the possible trends on graphics design by next year. We don’t wanna be left behind, right? Afterall, its October, two more months and we’re saying goodbye to 2015 so I guess we gotta hustle.


Flat Designs

Flat designs have been on the limelight since late 2013. Many are enjoying the simple yet appealing mixture of clean shape and solid colors. I don’t if there is a way they can flat designs even more flat than they are right now but I am thrilled to see how they’ll go.


Shapes and designs

I think the design principles we go by right now is going for “Less is More” ideology. The flat designs, shapes and icons, and solid colors are definitely not into intricate and complicated details.

By 2016, expect to see more of the shapes we have today in logos and typography. And do not forget icons too.


Typography Designs

Yeap! Typography will still be on its peak next year. By 2016,

expect to see more of them thanks to Google Free Font Collection for supplying fancy fonts for typography enthusiasts out there.

Typography is being all popular and in-demand right now. More and more institutions and firms are adapting typography for their logos.

The fame typography is having right is because of its flexibility and adaptability. Typography can work for both fancy and artistic designs and formal and corporate designs.


Retro will be a graphics trend this 2016

Yes! They were back and they’re staying for another year. We can still see designs from the ‘80s in 2016. Vibrant and rich colors, lines and shapes, and more from the past are expected to be on trend next year.


2016 Graphics Predictions : More Colors are coming out

Retro is back so do eccentric colors. Expect to see pop of pink and orange on graphics next year. Watch out or contrasting tones, rich, bold and intoxicating colors.


Notice how the web is being dominated by full screen images. Even graphic designs resort to using big images and then suddenly almost everybody are going big. It became impossible to stand out among all these big images but you have got to stay on trend. Complicated, right? Next year, expect to see big images but not the usual images, expect to see custom illustrations maybe handmade ones. In order to stand out, one must be different yet still on track so designers just have to exert extra efforts and creativity.

These are all I can come up with, it is kind of difficult to predict the future trends because it’s a little too early but I am pretty sure everything listed above is most probably the truth.

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Until the next article, thanks for reading.


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