List of Motorola Websites

I know the struggle of trying to find a local center for your phone brand whenever things get a little messed up. But then how would you know if there is a local service center near your place? Well you have the internet, make use of it. Look for you phone brand’s website in your country and contact them for help. That is the least you can do to get proper answers with regards your phone’s problems.

In this post, I will be listing countries with Motorola official websites. Motorola users, listen up, listen up, this is for you.






Canada (French) 

Chile (Spanish) 


China (SimplifiedChinese) 

Colombia (Spanish) 



Hong Kong

Hong Kong (Traditional Chinese)



Japan (Japanese)

Mexico (Spanish) 


Peru (Spanish) 

Puerto Rico (Spanish) 

South Africa

South Korea (Korean) 


Taiwan ( Traditional Chinese ) 

United Kingdom 

United States 

The names of countries are arranged in order. So far Motorola has twenty five countries covered with an official site. Look up your country on the list above. We hope Motorala will have more websites to cater their customers’ need all over the world.

If you can’t find your country on the list above, check out for you region on the list below and try the alternative site.

Rest Of Asia


Rest of Europe 

Rest of Latin America and Caribbean 

Middle East and Africa 

I hope this article helped in any way. Thank You so much for reading. Until my next article.

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