Nexus 5X vs Nexus 6P: Which Phone Should I Buy?

Since Android phones from Samsung and Sony are too main stream, I’ve decided to get away from them and consider buying from a different brand. But, what brand should I pick? Honestly there are too many Smartphone brands in the country today that choosing one among all them is difficult. Then I thought, why not try Google’s Nexus? If Google is Android’s home then phones from Google could be one of the best Android phones, right? Well, we don’t know. Then came another problem, I stumbled upon two of Goggle Nexus’ latest release and I don’t know what to choose among them two.

Nexus 5x and 6p packed some impressive stuff with them. Premium core, solid build, decent camera, fingerprint scanner and Androids latest platform, Marshmallow. Plus, Nexus being a Google flagship will surely be first for every Android update. Cool, isn’t? These are just some of the reasons why I am dying to get a nexus but the problem is I am stuck between two super awesome phone so I would need your help guys. Please help me choose guys, I am so confused right now.

So here’s what we are going to do, I am going to lay things in this post and you will let me know about your bet on the comments below. Are we cool? Okay, here we go.

Smartphone Comparison : Nexus 5x Vs 6P

Big and Bigger

With a 5.2-inch screen, the Nexus 5x is a big, however the Nexus 6p is bigger with is 5.7-inch screen. The 6p could actually pass off as a phablet with its huge build. 5x is made of plastic but is completely solid it doesn’t flinch or twist or flex. 6p on the other hand, is made of aluminum so it’s a little sturdier but prone to scratches. I am okay with a big or a bigger phone. 5x is more efficient for one hand use and can be easily fit on pockets or purses while the 6p would require two-hand use.


Smaller phone means smaller storage, bigger phone, of course bigger storage. Nexus 5x variants pack a 16GB and 32GB storage while 6p variants come in 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB storage. However, both do not support expansion slots so what you get is what you’ll live with.


Both handsets have 12 MP rear cameras so there is not much to compare except the 6p has bonus features like a special burst that turns series of quickly-shot images into ready-to-share GIF and an Image Stabilization feature.

Battery Life

In terms of battery performance, 5x is a little left behind packing only a 2700 mAh while 6P packs a hefty 3450 mAh battery life capacity.


Performance wise, both are amazing. No slouch, no lags, pure premium performance.

I know 6p is a better choice but 5x is not so bad either. There is significant difference with the price which confuses me a lot. The real struggle is, Should I get a good phone for a low price or get a better phone for a higher price. Help me choose guys. Comments down below, thanks.

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