5 Weirdest Programming Languages

When you think programming languages are just Java, C++, Python, Ruby, PHP, C, etc, think twice, there hundreds more and when you think those languages I have mentioned are complicated enough well you have not seen worst. In this article I am going to present some programming’s weirdest languages.

Brainfuck : Programming Language

Just by reading its name, you’ll know something is off because, seriously, who the hell names a language brainfuck unless it does what its name implies. This language has been created by Urban Muller in 1933. Brainfuck is a minimalist, designed to challenge and amuse programmers and is not suitable for practical use. As what the name implies, the language is truly difficult to comprehend and very complex.

Whitespace : Programming Language

Just another weird language right here, whitespace is a language designed just this 2002 and of course, you guessed it dear, it uses white space to write a code, super weird. Its first public release was on April 1st of 2003, it got people thinking that it was an April fools’ joke but it wasn’t, it may feel and look like a joke but it was a real thing.

Hello World in Whitespace Programming Language

This image right here is how you write Hello World in whitespace. Talk about weird and complicated.

Piet : Programming Language

Hello World in Piet Programming Language

When you think programming in whitespace is weird enough, try piet. This language’s syntaxis composed of bitmap graphics that looks like some abstract art. This language was designed by David Morgan Mar. There are 20 colors for which behavior is specified: 18 “colorful” colors, which are ordered by a 6-step hue cycle and a 3-step brightness cycle; and black and white, which are not ordered. I know, it sounds so weird I myself cannot even understand. By the way here’s how you write Hello World in Piet.

Befunge : Programming Language

This language was coined by Chris Pressey back in the 1930’s. Unlike other languages whose goal is to promote ease of use, this language was made with the goal of being as difficult to compile as possible.  It differs from conventional languages in that programs are arranged on a two-dimensional grid. “Arrow” instructions direct the control flow to the left, right, up or down, and loops are constructed by sending the control flow in a cycle.

Malbolge : Programming Language

Just like befunge, this language also developed with a goal to be as difficult as possible to be actually written in programs. I don’t know what has gotten into the minds of these genius inventors of languages that they like the idea of unlearnable language. It was so difficult to understand when it arrived that it took two years for the first Malbolge program to appear. In fact, it was so difficult that it took programmers 8 years to successfully write a correct program with it. Malbolge was created in 1998 by Ben Olmstead and it was just this 2007 when Hisashi Iizawa wrote A correct “99 Bottles of Beer” program (with the complete lyrics to the song as its output), which deals with non-trivial loops and conditions.

Did these five freaked you out? Funny and weird, aren’t they? If you want more fun facts, you gotta try this article : Top 8 Weirdest Programming Languages You Don’t know at On Chow’s website.

Do you know anymore of these weird languages, let me know.

Comment down below so we could have a little chat.

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