Myths about Affiliate Marketing

Myths and misconceptions are everywhere; it’s a product of peoples’ wild imagination and speculations of those who knew less. Almost everything has been a victim of this. When you thing only celebrities are getting roasted with false information and stuff, well you haven’t checked on the web yet. See, everything is misunderstood, in information technology almost everything is misconceived, SEO, content marketing, programming, design and all other things even affiliate marketing has its own set of myths.

Before we all fall for these ridiculous myths, I think it would be better if we start to clear things out before it gets worse.

Myth 1: Affiliate Marketing is DEAD

What?! Is this for real? I mean some are just starting to discover its wonders and now you are saying its dead. Hold on for a second, this is intense; I would need a little time to calm myself down. Okay, breathe, breathe, done. Okay, let me just clear things out, okay? Affiliate Marketing isn’t dying, like not at all, it is changing, not dying out. Changing is not synonymous to dying, am I right?

The platforms are changing, the SEO algorithms are being updated of course Affiliate Marketing programs must adapt with all the changes, it’s that simple. Not believing me at all? Think about this; e-commerce sites pay for ads, right? They are paying for advertising and promotion without an assurance of sales, not a clever way of running a business. Affiliate marketing on the other hand, allows these online merchants to promote their products on sites without having to pay unless a sale is made, awesome, isn’t it? E-commerce sites would always opt for this kind of marketing strategy, clever and cost effective. It’s a win-win for both the affiliate and the e-commerce site.

Myth 2: Affiliate Marketing is all about commissions and nothing more

Now this is nonsense, it’s way too obvious that those who formulate these myths know nothing than making stupid speculations.

Sales are just a part of the numerous benefits of affiliate marketing. There are countless more you can get from affiliate marketing. Affiliates don’t just deal with sales and commissions, they deal with visitors, leads, click s, acquisitions, sign-ups, landing pages and even SEO. Without the affiliate traffic, affiliate site’s traffics will relatively drop.

There is also this reward program offered for affiliates. Some sort an incentive for good-performing affiliates. It comes separately from the commission, fun, right?

Myth #3: Affiliate Marketing is easy money

Wrong, just wrong. Affiliate marketing is not easy, seriously speaking, it can be very competitive. It is not as simple as placing a link on your site then you are done, nope, that is not how it works. And just to make things clearer than clear, affiliate marketing is not going to make you rich overnight, just like anything else, this matter requires time and patience. It also needs constant efforts to succeed. It does not work simply as placing an ad on your site then you’ll wait for the commission, no, it’s not like that. You gotta hustle, you gotta move and promote your site. Remember, you won’t get any commission unless you make a sale.

For tips on how to earn more with affiliate marketing, check out this article, [ Things You Don’t Know about Making Money Online ] .

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