How to Promote your Blog

Okay! Have you ever asked yourself How to promote your blog? In order to gain traffic, one must promote his site. As for bloggers just like me, things are the same. We have to promote our site to gain subscribers and eventually start getting real money through our blogs. But how exactly do we promote our blogs. Well, commonly promoting an niche can be done through advertising and paid promotions but then we don’t have a budget for that. How exactly can a blogger promote his/her blog? Let me share :

5 Steps on How to Promote Your Blog

Step 1 blog promotion

Have a daily action plan. Promotions require constant attention. If you want your promotions to work effectively you have to commit to it and perform daily activities to improve your promotion strategies. To be able to do so, you must have a written a plan, something to guide you with your day to day activities, something to keep you on track of the activities and something to base your future evaluations.

Step 2 blog promotion of Content

 Striking Content. If you wish to promote your blog to a wider audience, ready yourself with a pillar of striking content. Squeeze out your brain for the best article topic you could come up with. Overwhelm your blog with killer article and impress your audience. All your promotions will be nothing without a great content. Do not end up disappointing your audience; make every content your best.

Step 3 blog promotion on Forums

Promote on forums and comments. Any blogger knows this. And for those who do not believe in the power of forums and comments, here is a proof why you should start believing now. Forums and comment sections of other blogs are the best place to start letting the web that you exist. Blogs and forums offer you an opportunity to become part of the conversation. But don’t be too desperate and be over-promotional by leaving keywords instead of your actual name or any other spammy activities. Be genuine and ethically work your way towards getting noticed.

Step 4 blog promotion via E-mail

Have an email list. From the very moment you start your blog, be sure to seize every email you can get by encouraging your readers to subscribe. Communicate to your subscribers. Send then letters of gratitude, send them freebies and everything you have to offer, once you build a bond with them, it won’t be long ‘till your subscribers themselves will encourage others to check on your blog. Way to go for a promotion, right?

Step 5 blog promotion : spend time with readers

Respond to readers. Show to them how grateful you are for them reading your blog and taking time to splurge in the comment section. Talk to them; let them know that you are worth all their time. Spend time to talk to them, more than promotion; an actual network in the web is healthy for a blogger.

Okay, this article isn’t too technical like its supposed to be but these are the basics of blog promotion and before we take on the next level, we must get through the basic. Hope this 5 steps on how to promote your blog could help you a lot.

Until my next article fellow bloggers, thanks!

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