Top 10 Free Parallax WordPress Themes

Parallax Scrolling is getting big in the web industry. There are many sites adapting to the design principle because of its potential to promote guided browsing and user engagement. Many professional brands have been using Parallax Scrolling in their sites; some in particular are Sony and Samsung.

Parallax Scrolling is web design principle that originated way back in the days of 2D game consoles. It is defined as the technique used in graphics wherein backgrounds images move separately from the foreground to create an illusion of depth and immersion.

In an article from, Parallax was discussed and provided with samples. You may check THIS LINK out.

And because Parallax Scrolling is awesome, everybody wants to get a hold of it. For natural-born designers, it is not a problem but for those who are not that good in design, well what are free themes for.

10 Free Parallax WordPress themes

1. Alizee by atheme

Alizee by atheme

Alizee is a grid-based theme with full responsive, Pinterest-inspired layout. It features a Parallax Header, toggable menus and sidebars, customizable widgets for embedding videos and thumbnails and a beautiful columned layouts.

2. Advertical Lite by Sketchtheme

Advertical Lite by Sketchtheme

Advertica Lite is a responsive and multipurpose WordPress theme, great for creative professional sites, advertising sites and personal portfolios. It has a responsive boot strap framework and awesome parallax sections.

3. Sixteen by InkHive

Sixteen by InkHive

Sixteen is an artistic WordPress theme best used for blogs and personal portfolios. It features a parallax header, responsive layout, customizable parts and grid-based layout.

4. Dellow by InkHive

Dellow by InkHive.png

Dellow is a free responsive theme packed with premium features such as parallax header, numbered page navigation, customizable widgets, and header and footer, great layouts and responsive slider.

5. Aldehyde by InkHive

Aldehyde by InkHive.png

Aldehyde is a free creative WordPress theme that features Parallax Scrolling, Parallax header, fully responsive sliders, and beautiful animations.

6. Hemingway by Anders Noren

Hemingway by Anders Noren

A beautifu, clean, responsive and professional-looking rolled into one amazing free theme.

Ernest Hemingway, the famous writer, will surely be proud of this if he were alive. The theme has a responsive design, retina-ready assets, full width header image with parallax scrolling effect and customizable accent color and widgets.

7. Starter by themeum

Starter by themeum

Premium-looking yet free WordPress them featuring modern and responsive design, parallax scrolling and a brilliant single page layout.

8. Gateway by Rescue Themes

Gateway by Rescue Themes

An elegant yet free WordPress theme with great parallax effects, responsive design and customizable layout.

9. Onetone by MageeWP

Onetone by MageeWP

A single-page, business theme featuring, parallax scrolling effect, beautiful icons and responsive layout.

10. Incart by Sketch Themes

Incart by Sketch Themes

A responsive theme with a layout great for e-commerce sites featuring parallax effects and is SEO optimized.

These are 10 of the most awesome parallax WordPress themes I stumbled upon for the last few hours of browsing. There are still more of these free themes on the web, browse and explore and comment below for your personal favorites. Thanks for reading, until my next article. . .

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